Multibaggers Are The Most Sought After In The World Of Investing But Picking One Early Enough Isn't Easy. We Analysed The Biggest Multibaggers Of The Last 10 Years To Understand Their Common Traits And Here's What We Found. 

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A Salt Maker Might Not Become A Multibagger As Its Market Is Not Scalable, But The Room To Grow For A Company Would Be Higher If Its Market Is Underpenetrated Or Demand Can Be Increased To A Much Higher Scale.

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A Big Driving Force Behind The Long-term Performance Of A Stock Is Earnings Growth.  The Major Contributing Factor In Their Returns Is Multiplication Of Earnings. 


Once In A Month. There Could Be Times When You Can Also Get Two Opportunities In A Month.

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What Is That Extra Thing Which Has Driven Their Returns To Much Higher Levels? This 'extra' Is The Market's Confidence In Company's Future And Its Earnings.


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The Stock Market Always Gives You Opportunity To Make Money From It. One Way To Encash This Opportunity Is To Pick And Invest In The Multi Bagger Stocks. The Service Pack Provides You The Recommendation In The Stocks Which Can Provide You Multiple Times Return In Considerably Lower Amount Of Time. Idea Behind Picking The Stocks Is Making Use Of The Stocks Which Are Undervalued And Are Having The Strong Fundamentals. It Is Much Like Hitting The Iron When It Is Hot.

Expert Advice Uses Various Investment Models, Investment Strategies And Fundamental Analysis To Pick Up The Stock. Holding Period Of The Calls In This Pack May Vary Form Months To Year. The Service Is Best Designed For The Investors Who Wish To Invest Money For Considerably Long Term.


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A big driving force behind the long-term performance of a stock is earnings growth.  The major contributing factor in their returns is multiplication of earnings. 

A salt maker might not become a multibagger as its market is not scalable, but the room to grow for a company would be higher if its market is underpenetrated or demand can be increased to a much higher scale.

What is that extra thing which has driven their returns to much higher levels? This 'extra' is the market's confidence in company's future and its earnings.

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Multibagger Past Performance

Month of Recommendation Stock Name Entry Price Exit Price/CMP Gain/Loss Holding Period Comments
Sep ,2019 Multibagger 148 257 109 40 Open